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Good Housekeeping Standards


Garbage Containers:
  • Must be kept clean, free of obnoxious odors and covered at all times.
  • Must have no spillage or garbage, trash or debris on the ground, underneath or around it.
Outside Grounds:
  • Must be kept free of high weeds, trash, old equipment and debris.  These conditions create ideal harborage for rodents.
Building Exterior:
  • Must be in good repair with no holes or openings larger than 1/4 inch.  This includes, but is not limited to, windows, doors, fans, vents, etc.  Corrective measures, i.e., cementing, screening, caulking, installing stripping on door bases, etc., must be taken to correct any deficiencies.  Rodents can easily enter through cracks or holes 1/4 inch or more.
  • All exterior storage areas must be kept clean and free of trash and clutter.


  • All floors must be thoroughly cleaned.  Make certain that floor space beneath equipment and other difficult to reach areas are free of accumulated garbage, trash, grease and other foreign material.
  • All drains must be either covered or screened at all times and kept clean.
Walls and Ceilings:
  • All walls and ceilings must be kept visibly clean.  In addition, they must be maintained in good repair, no broken tiles, holes, cracks, etc.  Any holes or cracks must be sealed or caulked to reduce possible insect harborage.
Equipment and Furniture:
  • All equipment and furniture (including booths) must be kept clean and free of accumulated debris.
Employee Lockers:
  • All employee lockers must be kept clean.  No food can be stored in lockers at any time.
  • Locker room must be kept free of dirt and clutter.  Access to all lockers must be provided upon request.
Rest Rooms:
  • All rest rooms must be kept clean and free of debris and standing water.
Storage Areas:
  • All storage must be elevated off the floor to permit easy access for cleaning and pest management.  All stock must be kept in a net and orderly fashion using the "first in, first out" method of stock rotation.  All storage must be removed from corrugated boxes.
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